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Brave Love
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Introducing my newest book, Brave Love— my story of courage and compassion in a Kenyan hospice.


author, nurse, advocate

Fighting for global health rights & compassionate care for patients and providers

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What does it look like to love in this situation? has become the ongoing prayer of my life, the guiding principle for the hospice community in Kenya where I help to lead, and the question at the heart of what it means to be a neighbor.”

Over the last two decades, my passion for healthcare and social justice have fused into a unique expression of love that is providing desperately needed care and services. 

medical mama

A journey that's broken and expanded my heart.


What does it look like to love and be loved?

global heath advocate

Access to compassionate care is a human right.

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Swahili: “refuge; a place to run to.” 

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Embark on an extraordinary journey within the pages of Brave Love. Guided by the prayer, “What does it look like to love in this situation?” Juli Boit’s memoir emerges as an unyielding testament to her transformative hospice leadership in Kenya, encapsulating the very heartbeat of her stories.

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From Beyond the Skies is a remarkable story of love, courage, and new life found within the dark. It is an invitation to all who read it to do courageous things.

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The Space Between examines poverty and healthcare through the stories of four individuals struggling with life-threatening illnesses at Living Room’s Kimbilio Hospice.

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founder, living room international

Living Room International is a global community working together to provide dignity and quality of life to people in Kenya affected by life-threatening illnesses through holistic care and education.